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Saturday, October 20, 2012

The A's of Turkey - Ancient Ruins, Agriculture, and Amusements

Harvesting Pomegranates

Roadside Stand featuring .... Pomegranates

Marketing .... Pomegranates

Marketing Pomegranates .... even in English!

Mmmmm - Pomegranate Juice and Ice Cream

Ancient Library at Ephesus

Main Street near the Amphitheatre in Ephesus

Pamukkale - UNESCO World Heritage Site

Mosques and Minarets in every village

Harvesting Olives

Temple at Aphrodisias

Yes .... there are McDonald's in Turkey (but not very many)

How many peppers can Peter Piper pick - especially the hot green ones!

Peppers in Pots to Pickle

Priene - Ancient Ottoman Empire ruin

Harvesting Cotton

Amphitheatre at Miletus

Lots of Hot Water in these Homes ... and most homes in Turkey

The Temple of Didyma in the town of Didim

Roadside Tea Stand

Beehives - thousands of them dot the countryside - and the honey is delicious

Women working in the field

Jim and Donna enjoying lunch at Ekin Club Dipdag by Sulungur Lake

Hothouses - Greenhouses - Glasshouses - Call them what you will. We have literally seen thousands of them across the valleys and hillsides. Tomatoes, peppers, herbs and other tender crops are grown in these structures.

Tomatoes in a Hothouse

The Strip on the Beach at Oludinez

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