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Sunday, August 26, 2012

More Photos as Promised

Here are the photos I promised.
 Copra Production - drying coconut meat for export
 Marquesan sunset
 Unloading cargo from the Aranui
 Uma Hei - a fragrant flower and spice bouquet intended to attract men
A French Polynesian island home
 Uma Hei worn in a woman's hair
 Ancient Tikis on Nuku Hiva Island
 Aranui cranes at work
 Donna at the helm of the Aranui - be very afraid!!
 Vicki - our guide and driver on Oa Pou Island - we had an interesting day on the island and in the car
 French Polynesian dancers
 Baguettes, baguettes everywhere .... and only 53c
 Map of the Marquesas Archipalego
More cargo .......mostly copra

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